3D Consulting Services


Additive Manufacturing Consulting

Consulting services providing customers information and benefits of Additive Manufacturing, 3D Print, and the types of 3D Printing Services available. We can help determine the best solution to fit customers needs.


3D Print Time Studies

We provide time study consultation for your business to provide cost saving estimates for evaluating additive manufacturing options and 3D print equipment.

Design Services


New Product Design

Have a design or new product concept designed?

Our 3d printing services includes providing CAD design services with model building expertise!
Form, Fit, and Function for testing prototype parts along with small production runs.
Durable and High Quality
ABS plus Thermoplastic - production grade material capable of performing virtually the same as production parts.

3D Printing - Prototypes


Plastic Parts

Capable of 3d printing single prototypes along with low volume plastic parts for production use.


Design Services starting at $60